Founding is a Digital Product Studio.
We design, build, and ship products for high growth companies.

Together we've:

Scaled products to millions

Built software at FAANG

Bootstrapped YC startups

Think of us as your go-to person when theres a problem to be solved. Your proxy founding engineers if you will. The first steps towards building a great product and an incredible team.

Engineering, Product, Design, and Strategies.

Our experiences span across all types of company phases.

We've built products used by millions, scaled engineering teams in high growth startups, and are founding engineers ourselves.

Local Kitchens

Focus on the user and all else will follow.

Users are people. They are family members, friends, neighbors. Some are relying on us to build their company. Others just need help finding a simple answer. But every one of them is giving us their trust. It's our responsibility to do right by them.

Look beyond to solve the real problem.

Use deep insight and the correct technology to solve the problem behind the problem. Then demand purpose, great execution, and attention to detail when constructing the solution.

We only succeed when others succeed.

Ultimately, we provide products and services to help others. Startups, founders, small businesses, big enterprises, developers, creators, and everyone in between. If they don't succeed, neither do we.

Sabih Mir

Sabih Mir

Principal Director of Design at Microsoft

“Kai & Andrew from Founding — overdue, but your technical insight and guidance for our devs has been amazing! Thank you for taking the time to build our foundation and advise us when we need it.”

John Boggs

John Boggs

Principal Software Engineer at Twilio

“Hiring the right team can make or break a company. I've had the pleasure of working with the Founding team members individually and together, and I can't think of a better A-team to help scale up a startup.”